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To get the best results online, it’s important that all noses are faced towards the same goal, and that’s the job of the SEO

As an SEO specialist, changing your clients’ organization is often easier than changing their websites.

Remco Tensen

Why SEO is important

Search is the most effective online traffic generator and visibility source, and simply has no alternative. Presence on Google isn’t really an option: if a business isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.

The majority of customers use the internet to do research before making a purchase. Even if you bring in traffic through other methods (such as ads), people will still search for your name in Google.

Google is where many buying journeys begin and most reputation checks are done, before consumers trust a brand enough to buy from it. Whether it’s text, video, images, or voice search, SEO is still the only way to get your product discovered through search.

The SEO is the only specialist with the knowledge to predict the impact of changes you make on your website and its surrounding digital environment. That’s why the SEO specialist should be the one who weighs priorities and decides over the changes you make on your website.

Investing in SEO services, means you’re on the road to adding a 4% or more durable yearly revenue, where advertising takes your wallet every month.

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