Campaign material (kit)


Starter kit for advertising in Google


When you want to start an ad campaign in Google, and you’ve never done this before, buy this kit.

Landing page design + copy
1 time design, writing and development of a landing page for an advertising campaign (exclusive: testing and campaigns). The customer must come up with an offer himself and start working with a marketing plan, unless otherwise agreed.

Email Marketing Template
1 HTML template to send a newsletter (excl. ISP costs and e-mail marketing).

Google Ads advertising formats
4 Advertising formats for use and testing in the Google Ads network:

  1. Text ads
    Standard text ads for Google Ads.
  2. Gallery ads
    Gallery ads are at the top of mobile search results.
  3. Discovery ads
    Discovery ads appear in native format in Google’s feed-based tools, such as the YouTube home feed, Google Discover, Gmail promotions and social tab.
  4. Display marketing / social media kit
    Contains 3 PSD files with 6 designs in 3 different formats (square, horizontal and vertical). Easy to edit in Photoshop. Includes a brief company description, for use on websites and social media.

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Campaign material (kit)