300 words Copywriting


Copy in Dutch or English (UK/US)


Buy the minimum amount of words that you need for a homepage, product description, or short blog. Should you need more, simply increase the order amount. Remco Tensen offers a unique guarantee: receive 10 euros back for every typo or spelling error that you discover in the final product.

Order your copy in either Dutch or English (UK/US). Choose your own delivery format. Receive the copy within a week or faster, unless otherwise agreed. Upon completing your payment, you’ll receive a short intake form.

Writing starts once all the information has been delivered. Should you have all the information available, you’ll receive a 70 euro discount on the research hours.


  • 2 revision rounds
  • 10% discount for non-profits
  • 10% discount for backlink and author credit
  • Discount on the research fee (2 hours research)*
  • Unique 10 euro back per error guarantee
  • 50% payment in advance for 600 words or more**

* deliver all the information the Copywriter needs to receive a 70 euro discount
** only applies to customers in the Netherlands (please contact us should you want to take advantage of this offer)

Copywriting excl VAT: 57 euros per 300 words (excluding research hours)
Copywriting incl VAT: 68.97 euros per 300 words

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300 words Copywriting