Low Budget Website


WordPress, Shopify, and Wix website including copy


Standard WordPress website (ready to start) made with a template. Choose from different templates, and customize it to your liking. Each budget website includes 4 pages, (Home/Next page/About us/Contact). Added pages are slightly cheaper. Development starts upon input delivery. Get an extra 70 euro returned to you upon full input delivery.

Delivery excluding VAT: 699 euros
Delivery including VAT: 845.79 euros
Service costs excluding VAT: 29 euros
Service costs including VAT: 35.09 euros
Added page excluding VAT: 75 euros
Added page including VAT: 90.75 euros

Product delivery time estimate: 1 week from input delivery

Available cms: WordPress, Shopify, and Wix

Included: copy up to 300 words per page (Dutch or English), maintenance service, license fees, domain, and hosting

Buy a Low Budget Website when:

  • It is your first website
  • You do not need any custom design or specific software / tools on the website
  • You only want to invest a limited amount of time in learning how to use the website
  • You have limited budget to invest in the website
  • You want to have more control over the website and want to manage the website yourself

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Low Budget Website