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Save 50% with our award winning advertising solution

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Find out what kind of ad budget you can spend responsibly on online advertising campaigns, using our free simplified ad spend calculator created in Google Sheets. Order 90 days of online advertising directly through our webshop, and save up to 50% on your Google Ads cost with award winning advertising solution ReverseAds.

Simplified Ad Spend calculator (no signup required!)

Your ad budget will determine the paid advertising strategy, and may include:

  • Google Ads
  • Display (banner) advertisements on publisher websites
  • Social media advertisements (specialized in LinkedIn)

Save 50% on your Google Ads

Businesses spend too much on Google Ads that represent only a small portion of the buyer’s journey
Stop the highly competitive and overpriced Google Ads bidding process and save up to 50% of your current Google Ads costs.

Buyers who make informed purchases research and seek information from various sources days, weeks, sometimes months before they are ready to buy.

Save three times as much on advertising costs
Outperform search ads in total cost per acquisition with an average 300% CPA drop for businesses focused on informed purchasing decisions.

Use AI to optimize your advertising strategy
Drive buyers to your website with high accuracy and avoid time-consuming manual processes and human errors.

Predict the purchase journey with keywords entered in Google
Catch up on where buyers are going instead of following them and make sure they see you at every key decision point.

Drive buyers to action earlier with intent triggers
Focus on the intent behind a keyword. Identify intent triggers and accelerate the conversion process.

Give buyers an increasing chance to convert
Identify each individual looking for a product or service, chart their path to purchase, and track them throughout the buyer journey.

Your business visible where buyers spend 66% of their screen time
Connect with premium publishers, mobile apps, direct publishers and over 50 DSPs.

Protect buyers and comply with the new privacy legislation
With a tracking system without cookies. Only information relevant to the buyer’s journey is used.

Save money on clicks with After Search ads

Use combined algorithms and AI to create a more effective way to optimize your paid advertising strategy
With precise targeting to drive high intent consumers to your website while eliminating time-consuming manual processes and human errors, such as audience overlap.

Everywhere at every key decision point

  • Perfect for considered purchases
  • Assign and test keyword put in Google through Machine Learning
  • Keyword roadmap to predict a user’s purchase journey

Cookie-less Predictive Modeling

  • Predict where users are rather than follow
  • Campaign-level engagement tied to a keyword’s intent

Create dynamic campaigns to serve relevant ads to prospects in different stages of the sales cycle, identify the most relative intent triggers and accelerate movement towards conversion.

Reach users on the open web where people spend 66% of their screen time

  • Connect with premium publishers, mobile apps, direct publishers, and 50+ DSPs
  • Provide brand-safe premium traffic across 190 countries worldwide

Building scalable and sustainable advertising campaigns without expensive and inconvenient processes that are usually associated with digital advertising.

What can you expect?

30 days

  • Creative mapping per data set
  • A/B testing of creative
  • Unique website visitors
  • Higher ad recall
  • Campaign targeting optimization

60 days

  • High intent visitors
  • Strong website engagement/interaction
  • Dynamic product ads
  • Retargeting the highest engaged visitors

90 days

  • Ultra-high website engagement
  • Higher budget allocation
  • Reduced CPA and lower CPL
  • Improved ROAS
  • Repeat customers

Connect with DSPs worldwide, including in the Netherlands, to advertise on local publishers relevant to your target market.

Target preferential sites, with a chance to show your ad top-of-the-fold.*

* custom terms apply, we’ll happily discuss the options with you


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