Webshop SEO Assessment


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Duration: 2 weeks

For 1500 euros excluding VAT, we will look at your webshop for 2 weeks. We carry out an extensive quality assessment in which all technical areas for improvement are highlighted.

No massive technical document that the developer can’t figure out. To ensure a smooth implementation, we communicate the webshop SEO assessment step by step and in phases. Based on required expertise, difficulty, and effect.


  • Schedule audit
  • SERP search results analysis
  • Extensive competition research
  • Local Search analysis (local findability)
  • Backlink profile analysis (manual analysis!)
  • Back-end technology, crawlability and performance
  • User-friendliness and conversion techniques
  • Search intent check with relevant target groups
  • Information retrieval check
  • Online entity check
  • Step-by-step instruction
Remco Tensen technical SEO specialist
Webshop SEO Assessment